Immigration Reform Update

America Deserves Vote on Immigration

Here Is The Score Card On Immigration Reform So Far

It seems the House Republican strategy on immigration reform is to stall, buy time and run down the clock until after the November elections. Here is why.

♦  House Republicans have released Talking Points, Press Releases, but still no Bill.

♦  30+ House Republicans are Speaking Up for Immigration Reform but not Stepping Up.

♦  We have heard lots of rhetoric, passing the buck – but still no legislation almost a year since S. 744.

♦  All we have are vague promises that “they” are working on “something” but still no real action.

♦  House Republicans made time to vote for anti-immigrant bills, but continue to block pro-immigration bills.

♦  There are less than 25 working days left until the July 4th recess!

♦  Not one Republican house member will say why no immigration bill has been introduced or why no immigration bill is on the agenda.

Enough Is Enough. Advocates and Activists Need To Ramp It Up For A House Bill & Vote!

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  1. I think the reform should pass because we all keep saying that without illegals we wouldn’t have anything they do all the hard work

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