Our Immigration Law Office Celebrates 20 Years!

20th Anniversary-ILO

We were privileged to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Immigration Law Office private practice this September, 2015. For 20 years, the Immigration Law Office has provided legal assistance and representation to thousands of U.S. citizens, lawful residents and new immigrants desiring to become lawful, taxpaying, productive, and contributing participants in our society. We have helped keep immigrant and mixed status families united; prevented the unjust removal of non-citizens; and assisted thousands of individuals become new U.S. Citizens. To fight back against anti-immigrant legislation and politics fueled by bigotry and ignorance, we launched the Immigration Advocacy Network (IAN) in August, 2013. IAN is a growing community outreach founded by our private practice – it is not just a voice for immigrants offering real time counter-narratives to the misinformation influencing today’s immigration debate, it is organizing for the common good. We do not fund raise for the Network – our only resources are the countless volunteer hours offered by members and friends of the Network, plus free will offerings and donations. We will continue to rely on the support and goodwill of those who wish to join us in informing the debate about what kind of immigration policy would reflect God’s love, compassion and justice for the strangers living amongst us. Please find/like us on FaceBook!

Sandrine Lisk, Esq., Director of Advocacy

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