Immigrant Heritage Month #IHM2018

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Immigrant Heritage Month -#IHM- is an opportunity to celebrate our immigrant roots as well as the diverse immigrants living amongst us; support and empower the immigrant community; and affirm the invaluable contributions of immigrants to the American fabric – in business, labor, culture, community and politics throughout the United States. Now more than ever, #IHM must be an opportunity to address issues that matter to immigrant communities, advocate for a more-inclusive America, and demonstrate why immigrants are integral to the success of this nation. Here’s what we can do together:


Since January 2017, our resources and legal support have been directed to Citizenship Services, New Immigrants Support, and Safety Plans for vulnerable members of our communities so Kansas immigrants can achieve their dreams of citizenship, and live more stable, secure, and successful lives in the United States. This focus will continue during #IHM with events that benefit the immigrant community, increase immigrant safety and participation in our democracy, and celebrate our immigrant heritage.


Only our stories of success, resilience and valuable contributions can negate the current demonization of immigrants. Only when we put names and faces to our stories, can we humanize the immigrant experience, thus change hard hearts and minds. Immigration reform will only be possible if we can educate mainstream America about how our current immigration system is unworkable, creates insecurity, tears families apart, either by deportation, or by forcing them to endure decades-long separations waiting for visas to become available. Change doesn’t happen on its own, and #IHM is just one more opportunity to make a measurable difference.


Voting is how we exert our power in a representative democracy. We encourage our U.S. citizen clients, members and friends  to never give up their power by failing to vote.  For those already engaged and involved, a reminder to reach out to family and friends to do the same builds exponential people power – so get involved today.


Our dysfunctional immigration system harms immigrants, their families, employers, our communities, and our local, state and federal governments. Join IAN to advance our advocacy work, or get involved with another community organization engaged in the immigrant rights movement. Through collective advocacy, public education, voter participation, policy changes, capacity building, and litigation (if necessary) we can move closer to a just and inclusive America where everyone, including immigrants, can equally benefit from, and contribute to the American dream.

Sandrine Lisk, Esq., Director of Advocacy

 #IHM2018 Events / Eventos de #IHM2018:

Become a U.S. Citizen / Hagase Ciudadano

FREE Natz Orientations on How to Become a U.S. Citizen. Review Benefits, Risks and Requirements; Information about Fee Waivers & Free Initial Consultations with Immigration Attorney, Sandrine Lisk, Esq.  — JUNE2018 — REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Tel (316) 262 – 6222. (M-F/9a-5p)

Orientaciónes GRATIS sobre Cómo Hacerse Ciudadano Estadounidense; Los Beneficios, Riesgos y Requisitos; Información sobre Excepción de Tarifas y Consultas Iníciales GRATIS con Abogada de Inmigración, Sandrine Lisk — JUNIO2018 — SE REQUIERE Inscripción. Tel (316) 262 – 6222 (L-V /9a-5p)



▲#IHMNatz Services (June2018)

Discounted Natz Application Services For Applicants who have completed a Free Natz Orientation and are ready to start their Naturalization Application Preparation.  Personalized and individual assistance to complete and file your Application for Naturalization; information about the naturalization process; study materials for Kansas Residents; filing fee waiver assistance for those who qualify; Consultation and Application review by Immigration Attorney, Sandrine Lisk, Esq.; and Filing Instructions. No Childcare provided. Please use this link to schedule your #IHMNatz appointment:

Servicios para las Aplicaciones de Naturalización rebajados para solicitantes que hayan completado la Orientación de Naturalización Gratis y que estén listos para la Preparación de su Solicitud de Naturalización. Asistencia Personalizada e Individual para completar y someter su Aplicación para la Naturalización; información acerca del proceso de naturalización; materiales de estudio para los residentes de Kansas; exención de tarifas para aquellos que califiquen; Consulta y Aplicación revisada por la abogada de Inmigración, Sandrine Lisk, Esq.; e instrucciones para someter la aplicación. No hay cuidado de niños. Por favor use este enlace para programar su cita de #IHMNatz:


▲Private Reception (6:30 pm, Fri. June 15)

~By Invitation Only

Recepciόn Privada (6:30 pm, Viernes. 15 de Junio)

~Solamente por Invitación


Love Has No Borders (#LHNB) –Sat. June 23

#LHNB is an Outreach for Immigrants living in a hostile immigration environment: #Dreamers waiting for a permanent immigration solution; Temporary Protected Status (#TPS) beneficiaries with an uncertain future; #Refugees in need of a warm welcome; and #NewAmericans in search of a better life.  #LHNB is designed to unify, strengthen, inform and equip Immigrants with love, support and good counsel concerning Immigration Matters, Legal/Safety Issues, Healthcare, Language Skills, & Education. Registration includes Lunch/Dinner & Refreshments. The Venue is disclosed to registered participants only. Signup at:

El Amor No Tiene Fronteras (#LHNB) es una Extensión Comunitaria para los inmigrantes que viven en un ambiente inmigratorio hostil; #Dreamers/#Soñadores esperando una solución de inmigración permanente; beneficiarios del Estado de Protección Temporario (#TPS) con un futuro incierto; #Refugiados que necesitan una cálida bienvenida; y #NuevosAmericanos en busca de una vida mejor. #LHNB está diseñada para unificar, fortalecer, informar y equipar a los Inmigrantes con amor, apoyo y buen consejo acerca de las preocupaciones de Inmigración, Temas Legales/Seguridad, Cuidado de la Salud, Habilidades del Idioma y Educación. Su Registración incluye Cena & Bebida/Refrescos. El lugar será anunciado solamente a los participantes registrados. Registrese Aqui:


▲ Leja Bulela Conference: June 29 – July 1

A fully immersive Congolese experience including a cultural night, traditional Congolese food, and a dynamic lineup of speakers. Proceeds provide financial and social support to people in the Kasai-Oriental Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For the Leja Bulela Conference:

For more information about Leja Bulela:


▲Community Forum: – Sat. June 30

Welcoming the Stranger

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