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The Immigration Advocacy Network is a collective group of passionate advocates for immigration reform and social justice for all of America’s immigrants. Our partners are Attorneys, Community Members and Leaders, Faith-Based Organizations & Members, Business Leaders, and Elected Officials. We are on a mission to end family separations, legalize America’s undocumented immigrants, remove roadblocks for immigrant workers, investors and entrepreneurs, and give today’s immigrants the same rights and benefits afforded to all Americans so that the foreigners living amongst us are not deprived of justice. Malachi 3:5.

Strategizing and Information Sharing. IAN is a vehicle for information sharing on critical issues affecting immigrants in America; briefings and strategizing on social justice issues affecting American immigrants; building strategic partnerships and mutually beneficial cooperatives; and forging alliances that benefit immigrant communities in Kansas.

Joint Projects and Campaigns. IAN members collaborate on joint projects, speaking tours, forums, workshops or advocacy campaigns, like its current campaign for a humane and comprehensive immigration reform. Not all IAN members participate in every project. Members choose which project they want to be a part of.

Technical Assistance and Training. IAN members share their expertise through technical assistance and training for other IAN members (e.g., trainings on alliance building or media outreach).

Policy Position Papers. IAN committees prepare policy position papers and submit them to IAN members and partners for endorsement.

Communications. IAN’s website, Facebook page and communications network are utilized to make its positions, projects, campaigns and resources readily available to its members, potential members and the general public. IAN also has the capacity to get its messages out through the mainstream, ethnic and alternative media in the U.S. as well as the international media.

Membership Development and Outreach. IAN members actively work to expand IAN’s membership and its outreach to partner organizations and individuals.


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