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DACA Renewal FinalU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has announced the renewal process for hundreds of thousands of young noncitizens who received a grant of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Renewal of DACA ensures current DACA holders will continue to be safe from Deportation for another two year period. In addition, they will continue to have work authorization, be eligible to receive a social security number, and, in nearly every state, obtain a drivers license.
DACA recipients are encouraged to request renewal between four to five months ahead of their expiration date to avoid a lapse. If you need help with Renewing DACA, please use the Get Help Tab on this page.
Most DACA recipients who seek renewal will be eligible to renew unless they engaged in certain criminal activity, departed the country without the government’s permission, or stopped residing in the United States. 
To request renewal, DACA recipients will have to file an updated and slightly shorter version of the DACA application as well as two applications related to work authorization, pay a filing fee of $495, and submit to a Biometrics background check. 
Timing will be the key for renewal requestors who don’t want their DACA to lapse. A lapse in DACA could result in loss of work authorization and a drivers license. To avoid these and other severe consequences, DACA recipients are encouraged to apply for renewal at least four months before their expiration dates. This should give USCIS sufficient time to adjudicate the renewal request.
-Sandrine Lisk, Immigration Law Office, Wichita, Kansas (5/2017 Update)


Why I went on a hunger strike for my mom

Cynthia Diaz, 18, from Arizona, is seen outside the White House on April 8 with a group of immigrant activists to protest deportations. Leary, Alex

Cynthia Diaz, 18, from Arizona, is seen outside the White House on April 8 with a group of immigrant activists to protest deportations. Leary, Alex


“Cynthia! They’re taking your mom!” The sound of my dad’s shout woke me up at seven in the morning.

I ran to the front door of our Arizona home that morning, where 10 agents in black uniforms surrounded my mom. Already handcuffed in her pajamas and slippers, she was being pushed into a van. Our eyes met and I recognized her sadness and fear. When my dad asked one officer what happened, he actually chuckled. “You know what happened. Did you help her cross?” All we could do was look out at my front yard as one by one, the officers started to disappear into the van with my mother. They took off, and my dad and I went back inside.

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