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Do You Support Comprehensive, Humane, and Common Sense Immigration Reform?

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We The People Demand A Comprehensive, Humane, and Common Sense Immigration Policy That Will:

  1. Reunite and keep families of U.S. citizens and residents together.
  2. Ensure American businesses have access to the workers they need, protect workers’ rights, and guarantee fair wages and working conditions.
  3. End the criminalization of migration, immigrants and U.S. citizens who by living with, praying with, lunching with, driving with or doing just about anything with a person they know to be undocumented could be charged with the crime of transporting, harboring or fraternizing with an undocumented “alien.”
  4. End mandatory sentencing, mass detention and mass deportation of people of color mostly Black and Latino.
  5. Attract Tourists, Talent, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Investors.
  6. Attract gifted immigrants from the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.
  7. Incorporate smart, effective, and targeted interior enforcement action.
  8. Contain attainable, achievable, fiscally responsible and effective border security measures.
  9. End institutionalized racial profiling of Black, Latino and Arab immigrants.
  10. End endemic public bias, racism and discrimination against minority immigrants in employment, housing, public facilities, housing, law enforcement, work-site and home raids.

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You will be joining two-thirds of Americans who already agree that just, humane and comprehensive immigration reform will keep families together, rebuild our economy, increase tax revenues, strengthen our national security, and reflect America’s core values of fairness, equality and justice.